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“You owe me one, Oobleck."Glynda Goodwitch thought as she stood in front of the the green blur’s guest lecture at one of the many Beacon-supported start-up schools. Bartholomew had some questionable intel about “intelligent” Grimm and had been searching for the elusive pack for almost two months. She had been forced into covering for him until he got back. Luckily, they were able to make changes with the order of the speakers without causing to many rumors of the doctor’s death to circulate. Once the students got settled into the musky auditorium she approached the microphone.
“Legends,” she began “stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite found of recounting the exploits of heros and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants ,by-products, of a forgotten past. Man, born from dust, was strong, wise and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction, the creatures of Grimm set they’re sights on Man and all he had creations. These forces clashed and it seemed that darkness was intent on returning Man’s brief existence to the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, Man’s passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named Dust. Nature’s wrath in hand, Man lit they’re way through the darkness and in the shadows absence came strength, civilization, and ,most importantly, life. But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die, and when they are gone, darkness will return. So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to your so-called “free-world” but take heed, there will be no victory in strength.”
“But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you’ve long forgotten--- things that require a smaller more honest soul” a contemplative voice said at the doors. Glynda slowly turned to see Ozpin  standing there with one of his circler microphones. Oobleck stood just behind him. Glynda walked back to her seat as he quickly took the stage to deliver the bulk of the lecture. “At least he won’t be joining Ozpin and myself into looking for those Dust thieves” she thought.
RWBY Vol. 1: Prolog
My first attempt at novelizing........well anything. This is not the trailers but is the opening dialog by Glynda and Ozpin at the beginning of the first episode with some filler to explain why the two foremost professors at the most prestigious academy are talking about something everyone in Remnant knows about. Critiques are welcome.

RWBY belongs to Roosterteeth, while bits not in the show are of my own making.
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What's with all the drawings of animals when I go searching for art inspired by a song? I search for a Blue October artwork and find a bunch of wolves looking sad (also hazy pictures people walking towards or away from the camera). I get that animals work well with emotion, but when I go to a cemetery I don't think "Man, this place feels like a wolf." No, I think "Man, this place is depressing."

So can we please get splashes of colors, people or animals that can't be seen at the zoo or in the mythos, or some landscapes with text?


Adam Thomas
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